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Nico Henderson
Nico Henderson, singer-songwriter

Creative Infusion is an artist booking agency. We provide exceptional Canadian musicians for fairs, festivals, soft-seat venues, house concerts and bar gigs. We represent musicians well by providing fresh ideas and strong project management skills.

Here’s our gig list.

Call or text 905.985.1335 to book.

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The Wanted

“The Wanted embrace early country music, blues, bluegrass and rockabilly, combining vocal harmonies, great musicianship and original material for a fresh take on a genre that’s long overdue for a revival. Think of them as the Carter Family meets Chuck Berry. Their show will transport you to another era, so hop on board for a great ride.” – Mariposa Folk Festival

The Wanted fuse vintage North American folk, blues and country music with rockabilly, bluegrass and rock and roll in a distinctive roots music mash-up. They can perform as a 3-, 4-, or a 5- piece band, but no matter what the format, their performances are always  “…full of contagious, raucous, hip swaying music…Simply irresistible!” (AltCountryForum, The Netherlands).

Tracks from The Wanted CD have aired on CBC Radio 1 and many other roots music programs throughout North America and around the world, and have been streamed over 275,000 times on Spotify. The Wanted reconstruct an eclectic mix of classics and infuse their own songs with a spirit that is darkly haunting, incisively witty, or just plain fun. This is full-throated, full-throttle entertainment, filled with edgy licks, infectious rhythms and soaring harmonies, combining traditional instrumentation with unique elements such as washboard, bodhran, and acoustic lap steel guitar.

There’s a small orchestra of instruments here that a mere five musicians manage to deploy with great skill—forging a fresh sound by finding common ground in diverse material. This is a musical experience that audiences are sure to enjoy.  




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We represent a roster of talented Canadian musicians. Gigs are listed in our Events pages.

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Nico Henderson

Nico Henderson
Nico Henderson

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Richard-Henderson-Print-Ready-PDF-Web-Poster-page-0Richard Henderson

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