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Do we have to be inspired to start something?

I just discovered that Micheal Zarowsky has a blog and got lost in it. His work is mezmerising. We own two of his pieces and wish we had wall space for more, so I usually go to his shows or admire pieces when Wendy sends out a notice for a show. I was intrigued by his blog name, being a self-identified middle-of-the-day person myself. But I got so lost in his work that I never found the starting point where he might have described why he chose that name for his blog. Lost in the beautiful paintings and his descriptions of getting “lost” in a forest. He describes perfectly that value of living in the present, something I wish I could better describe to my youngest daughter, a dancer who can’t find happiness. Is there a starting point I could descibe to her? Is the starting point for inspiration so hard to find?

Get Organized to be Creative

Being creative isn’t just letting the creative juices flow – you have to get organized to be creative. We can inspire ourselves to take advantage of our innate creativity by getting into routines and learning new things. A couple of days ago we (the gang at Twist Marketing) had Sue Sutcliffe from A Web That Works,, in to march us through all we need to do to get organized to practice social media. What an amazing inspiration Sue is and voila – I’m getting organized to share my creative ideas! Setting aside one morning a week to write my journal entries here instead of in a book.

Practising Creating Ideas

Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting with a committee that is choosing which company will create the new brand name and develop the brand for the Waterloo History Museum. I love to play with questions that will lead a group to create great ideas. I make up some questions and see how many ideas I can come up with and if those ideas lead to some other questions. If as an individual I can come up with lots of great ideas I know a group will also be successful with my question. I tried; In what ways might we develop ambassadors for the Waterloo History Museum? One idea was to have an advisory group of elementary students, school teachers, university history students, a member of the media and a local historian who loves to blog. Give them family passes and keep pulling them in for chats and hold on-line discussions.