Do we have to be inspired to start something?

I just discovered that Micheal Zarowsky has a blog and got lost in it. His work is mezmerising. We own two of his pieces and wish we had wall space for more, so I usually go to his shows or admire pieces when Wendy sends out a notice for a show. I was intrigued by his blog name, being a self-identified middle-of-the-day person myself. But I got so lost in his work that I never found the starting point where he might have described why he chose that name for his blog. Lost in the beautiful paintings and his descriptions of getting “lost” in a forest. He describes perfectly that value of living in the present, something I wish I could better describe to my youngest daughter, a dancer who can’t find happiness. Is there a starting point I could descibe to her? Is the starting point for inspiration so hard to find?